Customer Experience expertise, methodology and team

Customer Experience expertise, methodology and team

To get customer experience focus to really leverage your brand strength and customer loyalty, you will also need to focus on the right Customer Experience expertise, methodology and team to run the program.

Customer Experience is an area of expertise, with tried and tested methods and models that are centred around:

  • Customer Experience Insights: both quantitative models using customer satisfaction, Net Promotor Score (NPS) and CES (Customer Effort Score) as qualitative tactics for gaining robust, credible and trustworthy insights. Linking these metrics to value in an NPS value model is key to get customer experience improvements on the business radar.
  • Customer Experience Improvement design: Once you know where to focus on, the improvements need to be designed from an outside in perspective. By using customer journey mapping and service design techniques, you assure the experience is designed and rolled out effectively.
  • Engagement: the more engaged everyone is to the customer centricity mission, the faster you will see results. Getting everyone on board takes an active and continuous engagement effort.

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