A Customer Experience Strategy and Roadmap

A Customer Experience Strategy and Roadmap

To get customer experience focus to really leverage your brand strength and customer loyalty, you will need to focus on a Customer Experience Strategy and Roadmap. This will enable you to invest in the right improvements that will really count.

Knowing what to improve, why and how takes four steps:

  1. The CXP Vision: What experience do you want to deliver to your customers? This TO BE experience defined in a clear and strategic CXP Vision is key because it details how you plan to differentiate the experience you deliver from your competitors, thus making customer experience your key competitive advantage.
  2. The AS IS Experience: What experience are you delivering to your customers today during their end-to-end lifecycle with you? A profound and structured understanding of this experience, the painpoints and moments of truth, is crucial to know where you stand versus the TO BE experience described in your CXP Vision.
  3. A gap analysis of your AS IS experience vs your TO BE experience
  4. A roadmap with improvement tactics and governance structure to close the gaps.

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