Delivering the right customer experience exactly where it counts is today’s market battleground. It can put your company above the mowing line, make you stand out from everyone else.

Understanding the need for a robust Customer Experience program boils down to simple common sense. Great and memorable experiences lead to grateful customers, ambassadors for your brand who stay longer.

The opposite however is often just as memorable and leads to damaging word of mouth and eventually lower sales potential and churn.

While most companies have come to understand this, creating a good Customer Experience strategy and making it the heartbeat of your company is quite the challenge.

Most companies tackle customer experience very tactically: they pick a clear painpoint in the customer journey and start redesigning it to set down a measurable improvement. While this will give you an initial taste of what customer focus can do for you, sooner rather than later, you will notice the improvement impact gets cannibalized by other customer issues that you haven’t tackled yet.

Creating sustainable and structural customer experience results requires an approach that goes way beyond just tactics alone.


Annelies D’Hondt is a true Customer Experience Professional with years of hands on experience in the field both in B2C as in B2B markets.

With a vast background in marketing, she quickly learned that an offer, no matter how competitive, can only drive so much result. Selling to and retaining customers is much more effective when you deal with happy customers. It is through this realization that she evolved to Customer Experience in the early years of it’s introduction. Her knowledge evolved with the evolution in the field and she finetuned and honed her skills and methods through practice. Annelies has a no-nonsense and results oriented approach. She has worked at very senior levels of complex organisations.

“ With Outside In Consulting I aim to offer the full package of services required for launching and implementing Customer Experience in organisations. Besides my own expertise, I offer a vast network of partners in all areas of Customer Experience. We all have a proven track record in all aspects of Customer Experience Management. And it is this rich practicionner experience that sets us apart from other consultants. We don’t overcomplicate things, we don’t overengineer. We are convinced that transformation must come from within your organisation. By getting you started with a customized plan and roadmap while also assuring all necessary methods and expertise in your company to take things forward, Outside In Consulting is your seasoned guide in this process. “


To get customer experience focus to really leverage your brand strength and customer loyalty, you will need to focus on three aspects simultaneously


A customer centric transformation plan
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A customer experience
strategy and roadmap
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Customer experience expertise,
methodology and team
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